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European Forum on the History of Religious Institutes in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The Forum, established in 2001 aims to foster international comparative research on religious institutes in (Western) Europe and to encourage interaction between the scholars involved. Find out more about new conferences, call for papers, publications and much more...

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CFP. [31 October 2015] Arbeitskreis Ordensgeschichte 19./ 20. Jahrhundert – Tagung 2016


Sixteenth yearly conference of the „Arbeitskreises Ordensgeschichte 19./20 Jahrhundert“ from 29 until 31 January 2016 at the Philosophisch-Theologischen Hochschule Vallendar. Encouraging a large variety of researchers to present their work, no specific theme was chosen for the 2016 conference.

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PUBLICATION. Modern Monks and Novel Nuns: A New Monasticism?


The idea of a 'New Monasticism' linked to evangelism, fresh expressions of church and church planting is becoming popular in churches in the U.K. and U.S.A. Most advocates fail to value the insights of traditional monasticism and its history, and in particular cater to postmodernism and individualism. This book is a corrective to this approach . It highlights the treasures of traditional monasticism which make any 'new monasticism' more likely to deepen discipleship and commitment to Christ. This short self-published e-book is written by a founder of a 'new monastic community' with thirty years of experience in developing modern monks and novel nuns to impact local churches.

CONFERENCE. XXXIV International congress about the charterhouse [29 October 2015 - 1 November 2015 - Barcelona]


International congress about the Carthusian order, in particular six centuries of history of the Catalan monastery of Montalegre (1415-2015).

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CONFERENCE. Femmes cloîtrées, femmes dans le monde: un dialogue transatlantique [30 July 2015 - Paris]


Organised by Seifmar (Société d'Etudes Interdisciplinaire sur les femmes au Moyen Age et à la Renaissance), but possibly with some references to 19th-century women religious. 

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CONFERENCE. Mann, Frau, Partnerschaft. Genderdebatten des Christentums [17-19 September 2015 - Weingarten (GER)]


Die Idee von Männlichkeit und Weiblichkeit, die Rollen, die den Geschlechtern zugeschrieben werden oder in die sie sich selbst fügen, sind Ergebnis einer kulturellen Auseinandersetzung und zeit- und raumabhängige soziale Konstruktionen. Das Christentum liefert vielfältige Vorgaben, wie Männlichkeit, Weiblichkeit und ihre Gemeinsamkeit oder Unterschiedlichkeit zu verstehen sind: biblische Erzählungen, Verhaltensmuster aus seinen Umgebungskulturen, Rituale, Lebensformen. Diese werden als vollzogene Praxis, aber auch durch Theologie, Predigt oder sozialen Wandel immer wieder herausgefordert und umgeformt.

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EXHIBITION. [15 May-8 November 2015 - Belvue Museum Brussels] Giant masks from the Congo


The exhibition presents a set of masks used during the mukanda male initiation rite among the Yaka and the Suku, people of the southwestern DR Congo. These masks, along with other pieces on display, reflect the ethnographic research and collection conducted by Jesuit missionaries in the Belgian Congo.

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