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European Forum on the History of Religious Institutes in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The Forum, established in 2001 aims to foster international comparative research on religious institutes in (Western) Europe and to encourage interaction between the scholars involved. Find out more about new conferences, call for papers, publications and much more...

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CONFERENCE. 59th Annual Conference of the Catholic Record Society [Cambridge - 25-27 July 2016]


The Catholic Record Society’s fifty-ninth annual conference will be held at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, 25-27 July 2016. Confirmed keynote speakers are Alison Shell (UCL), Mary Heimann (Cardiff), and Alban Hood (Douai Abbey). Our draft programme is now up, and is a testament to the exciting directions research on Catholics in Britain and Ireland is currently taking.

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PUBLICATION. Churches and Religion in the Second World War


Despite the wealth of historical literature on the Second World War, the subject of religion and churches in occupied Europe has been undervalued – until now. This critical European history from Jan Bank and Lieve Gevers is unique in delivering a rich and detailed analysis of churches and religion during the Second World War, looking at the Christian religions of occupied Europe: Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, and Orthodoxy.

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PUBLICATION. Religieuzen. Na de bloei en de crisissen van de 19e en de 20e eeuw


Religieuze congregaties hebben de voorbije tweehonderd jaar nogal wat ups-and-downs gekend. De fluctuerende ledenaantallen waren het resultaat van maatschappelijke en politieke trends, binnenkerkelijke ontwikkelingen, roepingencrisissen en religieuze revivals. Andrea Riccardi bekijkt die evoluties met de blik van de historicus. Hij stelt zich de vraag of er een toekomst is voor religieus leven zoals we dat kennen. Religieus leven, zo stelt de auteur, zal zich blijven aanpassen aan de wereld. Een 21e-eeuwse kerk zal dan ook een geglobaliseerde kerk zijn. Voor monniken en monialen ziet Riccardi een rol weggelegd als profetische minderheid.

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CFP. [15 July 2016] Clercs entre Europe et Amérique latine


Les 1 et 2 juin 2017, se tiendra à Lyon un colloque international portant sur la question des Clercs entre Europe et Amérique latine : acteurs, circulations engagements (des années 1950 à la fin des années 1990).

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VIRTUAL EXHIBITION. [University of Cambridge] A pipeline from heaven. 800 years of Dominican books


This virtual exhibition, curated by Professor Nigel Morgan and Fr Richard Finn OP, is based on books and manuscripts held by the Cambridge University Library, the Fitzwilliam Museum, and the Cambridge colleges. 

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EXHIBITION. [05 March - 05 Juin 2016 - Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht (NL)] Franciscus


From 5 March to 5 June 2016 Museum Catharijneconvent will be presenting an exhibition on the most famous saint in the world: Francis of Assisi. Each year tens of thousands of people visit the church in Assisi where Francis lies buried. Who was Francis of Assisi? What were his ideals, and how were artists affected by his thinking? The exhibition will answer these questions with the aid of superb works of art.

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CFP. [15 May 2016] Too Small a World: Catholic Sisters as Global Missionaries


International Symposium of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism & the Conference on the History of Women Religious at the University of Notre Dame (6-8 April 2017). Scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers that explore missionary sisters from a variety of disciplines and approaches, including history, education, religious studies, gender studies, sociology, and media studies.

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PUBLICATION. Andere Weiblichkeiten. Biographische Geschlechter(re)konstruktionen katholischer Ordensschwestern


Wie wird Geschlecht im Verlauf einer individuellen Biographie und im Horizont eines religiös geprägten sozialen Zusammenhangs angeeignet und (re)konstruiert? Anhand lebensgeschichtlicher Erzählungen katholischer Kongregationsschwestern untersucht Myriam Rutschmann eine Gruppe von Frauen, die in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung bisher kaum Beachtung gefunden hat. Die biographische Perspektive ermöglicht es, Variationen in der Aneignung und Konstruktion von Geschlecht sichtbar zu machen. Im Mittelpunkt der Analyse steht die Rekonstruktion der in den lebensgeschichtlichen Erzählungen angelegten geschlechtsspezifischen Reproduktions- und Transformationsprozesse hinsichtlich Geschlecht.

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EXHIBITION. [5 February 2016 - 1 May 2016 - Caermersklooster Ghent (BE)] The Call of the Rockies - Pieter Jan De Smet and the Indian tragedy


As a missionary working among the Indians of the Columbia Plateau and the Plains, Jesuit Pieter Jan De Smet (Dendermonde 1801—Saint Louis 1873) was a privileged witness to an important phase in the history of the development of the United States of America. He was also to see, from close up, how this young nation began its massive expansion towards the West. This mass migration was to cost the indigenous population dear as, in record time, the local native people saw the loss and destruction of their traditional territories and way of life based on a nomadic existence spent hunting bison. Dazzling nineteenth-century Indian clothes and weapons illustrate the way the Native Americans lived and thought, as described in detail by De Smet in his countless letters. De Smet’s travels and encounters with the Indians are recalled with maps, drawings, paintings, photographs and documents.

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