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European Forum on the History of Religious Institutes in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The Forum, established in 2001 aims to foster international comparative research on religious institutes in (Western) Europe and to encourage interaction between the scholars involved. Find out more about new conferences, call for papers, publications and much more...

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PUBLICATION. Mission & Science. Missiology revised


The relationship between religion and science is complex and continues to be a topical issue. However, it is seldom zoomed in on from both Protestant andCatholic perspectives. By doing so the contributing authors in this collection gain new insights into the origin and development of missiology. Missiology is described in this book as a “project of modernity,” a contemporary form of apologetics. “Scientific apologetics” was the way to justify missions in a society that was rapidly becoming secularized.

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CONFERENCE. Military Chaplains of WWI [26 June 2015 - Bath (UK)]


Military chaplains played an exceptional role during the Great War, one which has not always been fully recognised in the context of the history of the conflict. Thousands of priests of all denominations served around the world tending to the religious needs of the soldiers, many of them giving their own lives. Being able to assess World War One through the singular perspective of the Military Chaplain sheds light on the struggle in a truly unique way, enabling a greater understanding of not just the religious aspects of the war, but the social, political, and military.

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CONFERENCE. Catholic Record Society - Annual Conference [20-22 July 2015 - Cambridge]


The Society holds an annual 3-day residential conference at Downing College, Cambridge, from July 20th to 22nd 2015, which are attended by an interdenominvational, international, academic and non-academic audience with a wide spectrum of interests. The conference programme includes lectures about the English Poor Clares and Sepulchrines.

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CONFERENCE. Monasticism/Mönchtum - International Conference [17-19 June 2015 - Graz]


This conference will provide the opportunity to sum up the situation of Christian monasticism in the delimitated but diversified geographic areas of Europe and to raise current issues according to each social context.

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PUBLICATION. La Mission en Afrique


Vingt-six auteurs sont réunis dans ce livre pour rendre hommage à l'œuvre de l'historien Claude Prudhomme qui a tant contribué à renouveler l'approche de la Mission à l'époque contemporaine. Avec la décolonisation et l'affirmation des Églises locales, de nombreuses congrégations missionnaires ont ouvert leurs archives à la recherche scientifique. Elles ont contribué ainsi au renouvellement de la connaissance historique.

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CFP. [15 June 2015] Colloque international du 5e Centenaire de Thérèse d'Avila


Figure incontournable du Siècle d’Or espagnol, d’origine juive, femme à la frontière du Moyen-âge et de la modernité, confrontée aux bouleversements d’un monde en profonde mutation, Thérèse d’Avila fascine et interroge encore aujourd’hui, 500 ans après sa naissance. Le colloque qui se tiendra du 16 au 18 octobre 2015 à Sainte-Garde (Vaucluse) se propose dans un premier temps de faire le point sur l’évolution des recherches thérésiennes depuis 1982 (centenaire de sa mort) et, dans un second temps, de dégager les dimensions universelles de l’enseignement et de l’expérience de Thérèse d’Avila autour du thème de la rencontre avec le monde et les besoins de l’Eglise, et de cerner son actualité au XXIe siècle.

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EXHIBITION. [15 May-8 November 2015 - Belvue Museum Brussels] Giant masks from the Congo


The exhibition presents a set of masks used during the mukanda male initiation rite among the Yaka and the Suku, people of the southwestern DR Congo. These masks, along with other pieces on display, reflect the ethnographic research and collection conducted by Jesuit missionaries in the Belgian Congo.

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